Mobile application to check halal snacks & candy

Tourists of Muslims visiting Japan increase steadily, but unfortunately, the support to halal food in Japan is still late. For example, many snacks and candy are sold in convenient stores, supermarkets, and department stores, but all of those ingredient description is written in only Japanese. Muslims who do not understand Japanese cannot judge halal or haram from these.

This iOS mobile application "OKASHI Checker"(OKASHI means snacks and candy in Japanese) displays raw materials names of snacks and candy in English or Indonesian from barcode printed on packages. This application has the database of raw materials of representative Japanese snacks and candy, and when users choose languages and scan barcode with the smartphones' camera, they can check raw materials names by English or Indonesian. In addition, users can evaluate snacks and the candy of one's favorite with LIKE button and can check a popularity ranking. This is the application that is convenient for not only Muslims but also vegetarians and the people who have allergic diseases. The downloading is free.

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