AR-RPG(ARPG) "Sekai Hero"

I changed a mobile telephone for Phone4 last Sunday. And I downloaded AR apps "Sekai camera" in AppStore at first. My first iPhone apps is Sekai camera! 

Sekai camera updated a social game function just at that time. So, I played at once.

This is "Kaboom!" It is a game to set a bomb in the various places.

This is added newly social AR-RPG (ARPG)   "Sekai Hero(Japanese name "Sekai Yusya")". This game is the RPG which used AR & location information.



Items, monsters & shops appear in the various places of the reality world.

They link real location information. For example, there are "Shibuya-limited item" and "Shinjuku limitation shop".

In addition, the Twitter client is implemented for this game, too. The users can share location information and the capture method of the game with this between users.

But, there is a big problem in this game. It's that the iPhone's  battery die early. Because use the camera during a game all the time.
If even this problem can be settled, the AR game will become the very attractive game.

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