Japanese social game developer's final result rush!

Last week, Japan was a the final result rush! So, a lot of company's final result were announced. Especially, the growth rate of the social game developer was terrible!

For example, Monthly sales of Drecom's social games are 30,000,000 yen!(I envious of them!)

via http://www.drecom.co.jp/ir/library/20100730_2.pdf

And, DeNA's Mobage Town(Only Japanese mobile site) earned 15,928,000,000 yen by a social game in Q3!

via http://www.irwebcasting.com/100730/07/2b232d7c51/index.html (video) 

 According to the announcement of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, The Japanese buys virtual goods for 44,700,000,000 yen with a mobile between one year.

via http://www.soumu.go.jp/main_content/000073104.pdf 

 CyberAgent profited much by AmebapPigg. Newest AmebaPigg's area "The fishing area" earned 50,000,000 yen from opening for one month!!

The users bought a fishing rod and bait in here. These are items to use for a game not a normal fashion items and furniture items.

AmebaPigg switches it from an avatar chat model to a social game model, and opens new aewa "Las Vega" in August. The users can play with a virtual currency in a casino. CyberAgent is a plan to improve charging rate and ARPU by this measure.

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