Angry Birds goods spread among Japan steadily

Unfortunately Angry Birds is not yet popular like other countries in Japan. However, they penetrate steadily. In the goods in particular.

Ohayo Milk(オハヨー乳業), a one of the Japanese representative ice cream makers sells "Angry Birds Tamago Ice" from this month. Tamago means an egg in Japanese. This is always existing traditional ice cream in Japan for dozens of years. This is basic ice cream and cooperation with the eggs of birds.

Furthermore, Angry Birds flies in the game arcades in the end of this month. They become the prizes of Claw crane. Prizes are big stuffed toy, mascot and porche. The mascots seem to be usable as Christmas ornament :)

These are not overseas imported products. Japanese makers produced all these. In other words these are available only in Japan. Their design is arranged a little for Japanese. The birds are not angry so much, and the pigs do not seem to be cunning. The character of the expression of the anger is not accepted in Japan. However, most of characters who are popular in Japan are round form. Therefore they will fight hard.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

Ya, the soft toys look a lil bit different than finnish ones :)
(we have a piggy and a red bird.. :) Oh, and hockeybird :))

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

Probably, JP ver. has a big eyes. Hockeybird! cool! :)