Nameko Candy

I wrote some articles until now about Japanese popular game application "Nameko Saibai" for smartphones.

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The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"

They went into a sweets at last!

It is proof of being a popular character to become the sweets. Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pokemon etc... It is the best technique to appeal to children. Many popular characters got the further popularity by becoming the sweets.

Nameko Canty has apple flavor, strawberry flavor, orange flavor and Nameko flavor.

What! Nameko flavor!? "Nameko" is kind of the Japanese mushroom. (via Wikipedia)

Does the candy of the mushroom flavor taste what kind of? I ate it. It was surely sweet. However, it was salty, and there was it at the same time. It was mysterious taste. However, I understood to see raw materials indication. It was written in this way there.

Raw materials: Soy sauce

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