Fitness application "Burn your fat with me!!" was translated into English by users

Japanese fitness support iOS application "Nenshou!" began global expansion as "Burn your fat with me!!".

This is the application that dating sim and fitness fused. This applies Japanese "Moe"  in the motivation improvement of users, and we can train while it is watched by a beautiful girl. This became the topic in Japan. However, developer CreativeFreaks thought that there was a limit only in Japan to get profit. Therefore they were going to release this application for a global market.

At first, they opened an English site by themself. Then a message arrived from an unknown American. He said, "Because this never sells in your English, I revise it." So, they made the him an overseas edition director. As a result, its translation and localization became perfect.

However, a problem was left one more. It's a "voice actor". They held an audition for the Japanese who could speak English and had lived abroad in the past. However, they were insufficient. Because they must be familiar with "Moe" to play character of this application. Therefore they held an audition in a recruitment of American voice actors site. Then the 60 American who love Japanese culture applied.

In this way, English edition of "Nenshou! "  "Burn your fat with me!!" was released. now, it’s popular among people of the Anime Otaku which Japan loves. Furthermore, the message from Mexicans reached them recently. The contents were "I do Spanish translation."

"Burn fat with me!!" performs global expansion by the power of users steadily.

Burn fat with me!! official site

via http://www.kotaku.jp/2012/11/moe_fitness_nenshou.html

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