Aroma diffuser which can carry fragrances

The fragrances are effective to refresh a feeling. If we can carry aroma diffuser anytime and carry favorite fragrances, it will be convenient. Sony realized it. They released stick type aroma diffuser AROMASTIC which could carry five kinds of fragrances.

When users attach the cartridge of fragrances to this and push the button of the body side, fragrances scatter it to a flow of the air from the tip of this. However, the fragrances disappear instantly when users take a finger off the button. Because fragrances do not spread, users can use it various places such as the train or office. Essential oil derived from the natural plant which British cosmetics brand NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES supervised is used for fragrances. Cartridges of fragrances are three kinds of "for Basic", "for Beauty" and "for Business", and each contains five kinds of fragrances. The size is about 25mm *86mm and weight is 33g. It has lithium ion battery and works about one charge for one month. The price is 8,980 yen, and the price of cartridges are 2,280 yen ~ 2,780 yen.

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