VR controller for mobile against Google Daydream

Google announced VR Head Mount Display and controller Daydream View for smartphones this month. Against to it, Japanese mobile game company Wonder League started a development project of VR controller Vroom for smartphones in Kicskstarter. A point of this is to intend for both iPhone and android smartphones although it is same as concept of google's Daydream, and you can use it in combination with the VR Head Mount Display which other companies release. In addition, Vroom Project develops a VR motion controller and makes it the open source. They contribute SDK and assets which supports Unity to developers. It have three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetometer, and users operate it in two buttons and eight directional key. The size is 35mm*140mm*17mm, and weight in about 50g. It works more than 12 hours in two alkali dry batteries of the AAA size.

They release this in the spring of 2017, and you can support it from 3 dollars in Kicskstarter. if you want the physical VR controller, it is necessary to support it more than 38 dollars. Project page is here.

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