The yoyo which emits light coolly

Cerevo of the developer of unique hardware products released smart yoyo 7-Magic which emits light in link with a PC.

7-Magic has 21 High-Brightness LEDs and Bluetooth for control, and users can set emission colors and the brightness of the yoyo from a PC connected to Bluetooth in application "7-Magic Bluetooth Cue". In addition, users let a yoyo link video and the sound that a PC plays and can let LEDs emit light automatically in Wireless pre-set luminescent mode. Of course it supports not only the wireless but also the USB, so professional performers who want to never fail can use it also.

They cooperated with C3 Yoyo Design of Hong Kong to develop this, put a luminescent circuit and communication circuit on their yoyo "NITIATOR", and developed 7-Magic based on it. Furthermore, they invited BLACK of the yoyo world champion as a development adviser. The size is 58.25mm X 39.3mm and the weight is about 74grams. It is a charge type and work by one charge for 80 minutes(charge time is 100 minutes). The price is 29,999yen(tax-included) and they start shipment soon.

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