It's Japanese style breastaurant: If you like a robot and big boob, go here!

I knew that breastaurant were popular in US. It may be said that this is breastaurant of the Japanese style.

This is the robot restaurant which opened in Shinjuku,Tokyo.

"robot restaurant" is the hot restaurant which young women steer huge robots and shows a performance. The cost of big boob robots is one 30 million yen. And the total cost of construction of the restaurant is 10 billion yen.

The charge is 3,000 yen. You may think it's expensive. However, all the services such as show view, foods, 1drink are included.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

Wow, I wanna visit that one next time I go to Japan. Big boobs are irrelevant, but looks like one heck of a show! Besides I like robots in general :D!!!