Nameko everywhere

Do you know a character of the most popular game application in Japan? Angry Birds? Plants vs. Zombies? Fruit Ninja? No! this is Nameko!

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The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"
Japanese popular game apps "Nameko" goes music! 

The Nameko spread now in every place of Japan. I wrote that Nameko goods were sold and a music CD was released. However, Nameko increased more. It is a game arcade in the large shopping mall of the workplace of my younger brother.

A lot of crane games of Nameko! Akita where I live in is the country that went to ruin most in Japan. However, the crane games of Nameko were placed at the same period as Tokyo. This is just popular manifestation of Nameko.

Furthermore, the fan art increase explosively, too. A lot of fan art of Nameko are contributed to Japanese illustration social network pixivFan videos are uploaded in Youtube.

This is fan made original song and art.

The other user made cool 3DCG with this as material

In addition, Nameko jumps out of one's game application and multiplies in the application of other companies.

Nameko became the "LINE stamp". (LINE is a messanging apps for smartphone from NHN Japan)

And Nameko appeared in the social game for PC "Makiba Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura(Ranch life sheep village)".

It seems that Nameko is popular not only throughout Japan but Asia now. According to the official site of Nameko, he went to Taiwan recently.

By the way, Nameko is originally kind of the Japanese mushroom. 
Is Nameko eaten in countries other than Japan? 

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