Can Ameba Pigg beat Turntable.fm? They added a social music function

Ameba Pigg is the virtual world where is the most popular in Japan. They have users more than 20 million. Many entertainers and artists log in here, too.

They added a new function "channel floor area" yesterday.

Ameba Pigg users can share favorite Youtube video here. It is right DJ(VJ) play.

We can make one's playlist beforehand.

We search Youtube video and can put it in a playlist.

Like? or don't like? Let's evaluate video!

We can become a fan of favorite DJ.

The avatars shake automatically when we enter the floor. Such a direction is important to the virtual world. It lets us make the feeling that really listens to music.

There may be the people who noticed. This resembles Turntable.fm very much. Furthermore, this resembles Japanese new social music service Beatrobo very much.

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For Beatrobo, the new function of this Ameba Pigg is a menace. Ameba Pigg has users more than 20 million. Users of entertainers and artists are included in that, too. Furthermore, the tie-up with many artists were carried out until now in Ameba Pigg. They have already had know-how to join artists and users together. I think this new function to be conjugated by the tie-up with the artist.

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