Anonymous holds offline meeting in Japan. However...

Anonymous holds interesting offline meeting in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on July 7. This is a cleanup activity.

Anyone can join in this event. The thing necessary to join in this is 2.

  • Mask of Guy Fawkes
  • Black suit
But this is not a demo. They are appealing to the participant to act like a gentlemanly. Anonymous was not known well until now in Japan. However, they have begun to attract attention by their having attacked the Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and JASRAC recently. This event may raise their popularity in Japan more.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

It's an interesting "organization". Their idea is that their approach would always be peaceful, but recently hackers have been acting in their name. (And it's difficult for them to stop it, as they have no leadership and anyone can join Anonymous).