"Lottery for everyone" of LINE

Now, LINE and Nameko are good samples measuring the diffusiveness of the character of the smartphone apps in the country of Japan. Yokote-shi, Akita where I live in is the deserted terrible country, but they are completely popular.

I pulled a "Lottery for everyone(みんなのくじ)" the other day in FamilyMart of the convenience store.

Lottery for everyone is a form of the new goods sale that prize goods company Furyu provides for convenience stores. Visitors of the convenience store pull a lottery for 1 time 500-600 yen(about 5-6USD). Then visitors get some goods. It is up to luck whether we get the goods which are more expensive than the price of the lottery.

The lottery which I pulled was kinds of LINE character.

It is rare that there is this in my hometown. Because a lottery does not sell if many visitors do not come to the convenience store. This is proof of LINE being popular in the depopulated area.

I got Cony's box!  is 600 yen cheap? or expensive?

By the way, The big stuffed toys and cushions were still left. If you want good prizes, it's a chance now! The details of prizes are here.

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