Hello Dragons! Puzzle and Kitty! Collaboration of GungHo and Sanrio

GungHo started a collaboration event with Sanrio's smartphone game Hello Kitty World in Puzzle and Dragons from today. This is very CUTE and FUNNY!

It is similar to other collaboration events of Puzzle and Dragons. Hello Kitty World dungeon open, and characters of Sanrio appear in them as enemies. However, they are not normal appearances. All of them model it on characters of Puzzle and Dragons and are designed. This is very rare!

Furthermore, collaboration Gacha becomes the Sanrio-style, too.

:D :D :D

Various Sanrio characters appear as well as Hello Kitty from this. When we evolve them, they change in Puzzle and Dragons-style.

On the other hand, Hello Kitty world holds a collaboration event with Puzzle and Dragons, too. They offer amusement park facilities of Puzzle and Dragons to players.

This is a good measure to get girls players of Puzzle and Dragons.

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