GMO Media performs global expansion of Live wallpaper of Doraemon

Live wallpaper is one of the popular contents for Android. Japan's GMO Media started global expansion of Live wallpaper of popular Manga/Anime Doraemon.

DORAEMON Secret Gadgets Ver. was released in Japan in July, 2012 and got the first place in Live wallpaper category and customize category in Japanese Google Play. In this wallpaper, Doraemon is playing with his secret gadgets freewheelingly. Furthermore, he does various actions when we tap and drag him. They are very cute!

GMO Media started Spanish, French, Korean, Malay, Chinese, Taiwanese, a Philippine word, Thai, Vietnamese, English support and sold this in Google Play of each country from today. Doraemon is popular in Asia, South America and Europe. They examine the support of other languages.

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