Fantastic Japanese VR short animation "The Philosopher's Apple"

"The Philosopher's Apple" is the fantasy VR short animation work which Japanese VR artist ka0ru made. After this was released in this January, This was shown in 11th Fulldome Festival held in Germany and Tokushima VR film festival held in Tokushima-shi. This is really fantastic and beautiful work.

 Besides, it is shown free! You can enjoy this with a smartphone or a tablet even if you do not have mobile VR goggles.

 This is fantasy with an episode of the law of universal gravitation of Newton as a motif. can philosopher get a beautiful apple?

This is a view of the world such as the picture books, but is certainly VR content. Even texts are full 3DCG.

 The story progress automatically, but the neighboring scenery is made carefully, and it is also fun to see it.

 The texts are described Japanese and English.

Now, This is released in Youtube, Littlstar(support PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Andoid, iOS) , and Google Play(Android Apps). All are free.

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