Japanese game personified syllabary "Hiragana" at last

Japanese games personified every thing until now. Battleships, tanks, fighters, guns, swords, Castles, bases of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, Heavy industrial machines, Gods and Buddha, Liquor, flowers, mushrooms etc... It is difficult to look for the things which are not personified. Today, the pre-registration of the new personification mobile game began. This is "Hiragana Danshi(Hiragana Boys)", It is the game that personified Japanese syllabary "Hiragana(平仮名)".

Hiragana is a kind of the Japanese phonogram(There is Katakana other than this). In most basic letters in the Japanese learning, it consists of 48 kinds. In other words, 48 characters appear in these games.

Each Hiragana is personified as handsome boys. They have voices, and voice actors play them.

For example, he is "U(う)".

"A(あ)" talks with "U(う)".

Originally this was a character making project of TV program I-chara. This was an audience participation program and they invited illustrations from audiences and made characters. This game is cross media development of this project.

Players become calligrapher and spin memories with puzzles with them. It is like single stroke puzzle. This is released in this summer.

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