Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project is collaborate with theme park

I wrote it about Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project(白猫プロジェクト) cooperating with a cafe before.

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Furthermore, they cooperate with Namco Namja Town, the indoor theme park. It is the indoor theme park which Namco runs in mixed-use skyscrape Sunshine 60 located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

They have various attractions, but, on the other hand, cooperate with contents of other companies irregularly. Usually, the theme park is the place where children go to play, but low birthrate goes ahead through current Japan rapidly. If they cooperate with various contents, they can get visitors of youths and adults.

Colopl made an area of their mobile games Shironeko Project in Namco Namja Town. This is digital ghostleg lottery. we can get goods of game characters. Of course the probability of rare goods is low.

However, I got a rare mascot!

Namco Namja Town has a lot of food booths, and each booth sell foods which assumed characters of Shironeko Project motifs.

The goods of Shironeko Project are sold with goods of Namco Nanja Town in the shop, too. These goods were designed for this collaboration in particular. Of course these are sold only here.

This collaboration is carried out until July 17.

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