Japanese popular messaging appa LINE becomes Anime

There is LINE anywhere in Japan now. Book, stuffed toy, figure, stationery, capsule toy etc... At last, Anime starts broadcast  on January 7!

The title is "LINE OFFLINE -office worker-". It's the comedy which characters of the LINE stamp become Japanese office workers and presents funny daily life. Digest movie is here(Japanese).

Airdate and times are AM1:30 - AM1:35 of every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The broadcasting station is TV Tokyo.

In addition, there is the plan to make the LINE anime of 30 minutes as well as this. Do you want to see moving LINE stamp characters?


Sumo wrestlers appear in the street view of Google Maps

70 sumo wrestlers appear in the street view of Google Maps this year!

via Japan Sumo Association Twitter

Sumo wrestlers stand in front of Ryougoku Sumo Hall. This is a project by the partner program with Google. In late years, Street view collaborate with various institutions in the world such as museums and theme park. On December 25, 2012, the photography for this partner program was carried out for Ryougoku Sumo Hall. The popular yokozuna is included in them. It is not yet still decided it at the time, but we can meet sumo wrestlers in a street view as soon as data are reflected.

Steve Jobs revives! He became the cool action-figure

Japanese figure maker Legend Toys made cool action-figure of Steve Jobs.

His expression, clothes, shoes, all of life-like. The sculptor of Legend Toys Kato  produced this. The size is 12 inches, and the price is US $ 149.99. Shipment is due to begin the end of January and Legend Toys accepts a reservation. Order page is here.

(c)2012 Legend Toys Limited


Apple start selling e-books in Japan

Japan's Nikkei scooped. Apple start selling e-books in Japan on iPad next month.

via http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXNASDD31011_R31C12A2MM8000/?dg=1 (Japanese)

According to Nikkei, Apple cooperates with Japanese main publishing companies, Kodansya, Shougakukan and Kadokawa group Holdings.
I think that this is timely. Because 2013 is big year of public domain in Japan. Writers more than 60 became the public domain only on January 1, 2013. A lot of popular novelist and famous scholars are included in them. Japanese e-books users will increase more if Apple really launches e-books business in Japan.

Japanese boys band ARASHI used AR in a music TV show of the last day of the year

A Happy New Year! In Japan, new year began and passed for 2 hours. Japanese public broadcasting company NHK broadcasts a music TV show "Kōhaku Uta Gassen" every year on the last day of the year. The Japanese boys idol group ARASHI showed real-time Augmented reality there.

I was not able to take good photos...

Sensors were attached to their hands, and the AR CG were displayed in link with their dance. There were many audiences in the stage of this TV show. However, they cannot watch AR CG. Only TV viewers were able to watch this. This is direction only TV, and it may be said that it was a project to give added value to TV.