LINE became the company name

NHN Japan, operator of Japanese popular messaging application LINE divided a company into 2 from April 1. They are NHN Japan and LINE. Well, LINE became the company name at last.

LINE Corp. set them mind to LINE, social curation service NAVER Matome and blog service livedoor blog. And NHN Japan devotes itself to a game.

This is important to LINE. NHN Japan is a subsidiary of Korea's NHN. Therefore many overseas sites introduce LINE when it is Korean messaging apps. In addition, there are the people who recognize that LINE is Korean apps, and don't use it in Japan8Unfortunately there are the people who discriminate a Korean and Korea in Japan). However, actually, LINE is developed in Japan. It is a good opportunity to appeal to them for it that LINE became the company name.


[April 1] Japanese messaging apps war: Japan's GMO releases new messaging apps "Muscle talk"

GMO Tokotoku BB is one of Japanese main internet service provider. Today, they releases new messaging apps "Muscle talk".

Muscle talk is the apps that can communicate with the hot guy. All the stamps more than 100 kinds are available free.

Furthermore, this has original function "muscle flick input" and sosial game "Muscle POP!".

.........You would already notice. This is parody of Japanese popular messaging apps LINE! :D

[April 1] Cute! Japanese virtual world Ameba Pigg became Ameba "Pig"

Japanese virtual world Ameba Pigg holds cute April Fool's Day event. And they become Ameba "Pig" today.

When we log in to Ameba Pigg, the face of our avatar transforms itself into a pig.

Furthermore, the service logos are changed in Ameba Pig from Ameba Pigg, too.

The face of the pig has color variations, and they change whenever we move the area. The face of the wild boar is very rare in them. I want to transform myself into it, but am not yet it.

[April 1] Japan's KDDI releases Bed type smartphone "zzzPhoneBed"

Japanese mobile company KDDI released the bed type smartphone for indoor users "zzzPhoneBed USO1C40".

Product Designer Nemool Smith says, "I use the smartphone only on a bed. Then a bed should become the smartphone".
The most attractive point of zzzPhoneBed is that we can sleep with 2D character. This is a function necessary for many Japanese!

Furthermore, we can experience powerful alarm, and scroll a screen by running. So, we can live a healthy life regularly by zzzPhoneBed.

KDDI releases 5 kinds of sheets of zzzPhoneBed. As for those material, material is polyester, nylon, pile, cotton.

The English explanation is this.

LINE's mobile virtual world LINE Play starts the tie-up with the companies

Mobile virtual world of Japanese messaging apps LINE "LINE Play" starts the tie-up with the companies and brands. At first Coca-Cola Japan, Lawson, Taisho Pharmaceutical and Panasonic participate in this.

They show their own rooms and offer brand virtual goods for LINE users. At first it is necessary to make friends with their official character. Then users become able to play Gacha in their rooms, and got interior items and fashion items at random.

Of course NHN Japan make efforts in the tie-up with companies like LINE stamp(sticker) in LINE Play. They begin the support for companies at once.