Minecraft attacks Japanese main department store AEON

In Japan, Minecraft is known as an educational game to bring up the creativity of children.

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Therefore toy sales company InfoLens sells toys of Minecraft in Japanese family friendly department store AEON. AEON iIt is one of the Japanese main retail stores. there is it in the  what kind of country town in Japan(Rather it is useful like a lifeline in the country , because the country has little entertainment). Consumers can buy all things necessary for life and can finish all business if they come here. There is a handy amusement place of families of the countries.
InfoLens targets such family, particularly children. They sell 21 kinds of toys such as action-figures, stuffed toys, paperworks in AEON. A scene of the toy section of three months later comes to my mind.

Mobile game Game of War became Manga in Japan

Yaku-Man, the company which provides free e-comics application "Manga Dokuha!(マンガ読破!)" showed manga of popular mobile game Game of War in this application. Of course this is Japan's original promotion.

They got license consent from Machine Zone, followed the view of the world of the game, and expressed the game event isuch as the fight for betrayal and territory. The manga artist is Akira Kanou. Manga is all three episodes and readers can move from the last page to game application. Their aim is to increase fans of Game of War triggered by manga.

Machine Zone performs showy advertisement development in Japan. TV CMs using the Japanese popular actor is well known.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment invest in IoT startup Moff

Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced that they invested in IoT startup Moff.

Moff is a startup established in October, 2013, and they are known as a developer of sensor device MoffBand. MoffBand started crowd funding in kickstarter in March, 2014, and achieved an aim amount of money from a start in 48 hours. Now, we can purchase it in Amazon.

It links free iOS application, when we attach it to a wrist, we can enjoy various interactive play that linked application. For example, air guitar, air drum, tennis, golf, sword fight etc...
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment supports their business through an investment and creates new business with them more.


Hand-written doodles digitize by one-touch

Even if tablets spread, we can not stopped scribbling on the paper. Wacom releases smart folio Bamboo Spark which can easily convert memos on the paper into digital in October. The price is 17,800 yen. The structure of this is simple, users set a tablet on the left side, notebook on the right side, start application, push the central button and perform pairing of them. It has a digitizer and acquires the information of the drawing position in cooperation with a smart pen. If users charge it 2.5 hours, it's available to them for about eight hours. Because it can save data for 100 pages, it is available even to the situation that the Internet is not usable.


Is this Rubik's Snake? No, it's power strip

If you are 40's generations, you may remember good old toy Rubik's Snake to see this. However, this is not a toy. This is convenient power strip of the cool design which Sanwa Supply released this month. This is comprised of four outlets and one USB charge port, and has 2 meters of cable. The most characteristic function is that users can change the angle of each section. Even if the heads of plugs are big, this will not quarrel each other. Even if your desk is small, you effectively utilize an area and can increase outlets. Color variations are brown, red, white, black and the price is 3,500 yen.

via http://www.sanwa.co.jp/product/syohin.asp?code=TAP-B51BK