Japan's KLab released a mobile game of popular drama Glee

KLab, the Japanese mobile game developer released mobile rhythm game "Glee Forever!" of FOX's popular drama Glee. The downloading is free(iOS/Android).

Glee Forever! is a rhythm game to tap a screen to various tunes. Players can play with tunes used in a drama such as Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and Lady GaGa's Bad Romance. Whenever players clear levels, the story like the drama unfolds, new characters are added, players put character together and form Glee team for high score. Now, Klab supports English and Japanese about this game, but will cope with French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese in Brazil in future.

To be frank, This is the same as KLab's popular mobile game "Love Live! School idol festival".

Love Live! School idol festival is a rhythm game that gathers various girls and forms girls band. It passes 12 million downloading in Japan, and get popularity in Taiwan, China, and Korea. A system and the rule of Glee Forever! are the almost same as this, and only graphic and tunes were replaced. Will fans of Glee like this?

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