Supercell holds fan event "TOKYO CLASH 2015" in Toyo Game Show

Thanks to various original promotion in Japan, the names of Supercell and Clash of Clans are taking root in Japan. And they exhibit a booth in Toyo Game Show 2015 at last. Furthermore, they hold fan event TOKYO CLASH 2015 there.

They carry out the Clans play between 5 v 5 players on the main stage of the booth and show the play that cooperated with Japanese popular Youtuber on September 20. They broadcast it live in various video sites on September 19 and 20.

Nico Nico Douga
September 19: http://supr.cl/TokyoClashSat
September 20: http://supr.cl/TokyoClashSun

YouTube: September 19&20
Japanese: http://supr.cl/TokyoClashJP
English: http://supr.cl/TokyoClash
Korean: http://supr.cl/TokyoClash_YT

Twitch: September 19&20

Afreeca TV Korea: September 19&20

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