The mobile apps that anyone can become accessories designers

The market place of handmade works such as Etsy are popular in Japan, and various services grow up. This is a big chance for creators, but is there the method that more people enjoy a creator experience willingly? Therefore FUN UP released mobile application "monomy" officially that anyone can become accessories designers.

monomy is the handmade market place application that users can put about 3,000 kinds of accessories parts together, designs various accessories and sell them. The designed accessories are shown in mypage of users(It's also original brand pages of users), and they are sold to other users.

At present, accessories parts are products for women, but of course men users can register. Because a profit share is added to accessories parts beforehand, users cannot set the price of works in oneself. However, each price range of works are less than 10,000yen because there are not the too expensive parts. When works are sold, 10% of sales are paid to users who designed them. You may think that there is few, but monomy is in charge of all of production of works, shipment, inventory control, and sales management. Users do not have any risks. It is only an iOS version that is released, but they release the Android version in a few days now.

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