Nagasaki Archive opening event in SecondLife

Yesterday was Nagasaki A-bomb memorial day in Japan.Therefore ceremony of Nagasaki Archive was held in SecondLife yesterday.

8/9、セカンドライフにて長崎原爆の実相を伝える「Nagasaki Archive」のオープニングオンラインイベント開催(THE SECOND TIMES)








The data of the Nagasaki A-bomb are exhibited in not only Google Earth but also SecondLife. A lot of precious photographs are exhibited. A-bomb victims(Hibakusya)'s speech video were streamed in ceremony.

This SIM can still enter. It is the place that is splendid as art SIM, too. Please check it!


How about Unoh's mobile social game?

It was big news that Zynga purchased Japanese startup Unoh (Unoh means the right brain in Japanese).

Overseas people are interested in Unoh's social games. But, unfortunately they can't play those games. Because those can play with a Japanese mobile only from Japan.

Unoh administers a mobile social games in mixi, MobageTown and GREE.

"Machitsuku" (means the "build the city" in Japanese) for mixi mobile & MobageTown

"Band yarouyo!" (means the "Let's play with BAND" in Japanese) for mixi mobile

"Minnade Omikuji" (via Wiki) for mixi mobile
"Kaizoku chronicle" (means the "pirate chronicle" in Japanese) for GREE mobile

via http://www.unoh.net/services.html

Especially, Machitsuku mixi ver. is popular very much, and more than 3,000,000 mixi users play.

In Japan, it's everyday scenery to play a game with a mobile.

By the way, In 2008, I examined whether there were mobile avatar SNS & online game portal site(such as Japanese MogageTown) in abroad. But I can't readily found. There were only Sulake's Mini Friday & Ironstar Helsinki's MoiPal. Are there mobile avatar SNS elsewhere?

Nagasaki Archive---Please tweet a message of the peace to Nagasaki with hashtag #nagasaki0809

Today is the day of Atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Hiroshima people are suffered many decades. We wish Japan will be the only and last victim of Atomic bomb for good.

By the way, Do you know that two Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan? Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University released cool Google Earth contents about Atomic bomb throwing down of the second. The name is “Nagasaki Archive”.


Nagasaki Archive is the web content to tell the world the reality of the Atomic bomb on interactive archive of the Google Earth.

Via their site......

This project enables to access all of those resources from all over the world, which was formerly unable to do so. Moreover, by mapping the information with topographic data, the user can enhance the experience of what it was like when the A-bomb struck Nagasaki, in detail. "Nagasaki Archive" is an attempt to reorganize all of those information on a digital virtual globe (google earth). In order to make Nagasaki the last place on earth where the A-bomb struck, we hope that many people to interact with and learn from "Nagasaki Archive".

You can see photos from the same angle they were taken 65 years ago, and also you click the portrait of survivors to read their experiences and wishes assosiated with the actual location they were exposed to A - bomb.

These contents became the topic in Twitter immediately since they released it. And even not only Japan but also overseas Medeas were reported, and it was carried in Google Earth' official blog at last!

The point that I think to be splendid in these contents, can experience the viewpoint of the Nagasaki citizen from the viewpoint of a pilot dropping an Atomic bomb.
Ang, the space that exhibits contents of the Nagasaki atomic bomb and peace on Second Life is constructed.

SecondLife space

8/9、セカンドライフにて長崎原爆の実相を伝える「Nagasaki Archive」のオープニングオンラインイベント開催(THE SECOND TIMES)

Please tweet a message of the peace to Nagasaki with hashtag #nagasaki0809. Then your tweet appears in this Nagasaki Archive.


Japanese social game developer's final result rush!

Last week, Japan was a the final result rush! So, a lot of company's final result were announced. Especially, the growth rate of the social game developer was terrible!

For example, Monthly sales of Drecom's social games are 30,000,000 yen!(I envious of them!)

via http://www.drecom.co.jp/ir/library/20100730_2.pdf

And, DeNA's Mobage Town(Only Japanese mobile site) earned 15,928,000,000 yen by a social game in Q3!

via http://www.irwebcasting.com/100730/07/2b232d7c51/index.html (video) 

 According to the announcement of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, The Japanese buys virtual goods for 44,700,000,000 yen with a mobile between one year.

via http://www.soumu.go.jp/main_content/000073104.pdf 

 CyberAgent profited much by AmebapPigg. Newest AmebaPigg's area "The fishing area" earned 50,000,000 yen from opening for one month!!

The users bought a fishing rod and bait in here. These are items to use for a game not a normal fashion items and furniture items.

AmebaPigg switches it from an avatar chat model to a social game model, and opens new aewa "Las Vega" in August. The users can play with a virtual currency in a casino. CyberAgent is a plan to improve charging rate and ARPU by this measure.


Strange mandarin orange alien iPhone game

It's update after a long absence.
During this one month, I did Get of iPad! I want to write the article of iPad in future.

By the way, I found the funny iPhone game yesterday.

"Mikan-Seijin Bako"
(Japanese literal translation: mandarin orange alien box)


Mikan-Seijin was a character of the child TV program ten several years ago. He was popular after a program was finished. He becomes the mobile web content now.

I liked this character since the days of a junior high school student. So I downloaded this game not to mention me. Because iPhone4 which made reservations did not yet come, I played in iPad.

Cute!! This is a simple game, but plays just all the time :)
I think that iPad is suitable for a game.