Virtual Economy of Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) in Ameba pigg

In Japan, New Year's Eve and New Year holidays are biggest event in a year. It is similar in the virtual world.
CygerAgent's virtual world "Ameba Pigg [J]" sold a lot of virtual goods on the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

The Japanese eats "Toshikoshi-soba" on the night of the New Year's Eve. (soba is thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour)

CyberAgent sold 150,000 virtual goods of this Toshikoshi-soba in Ameba Pigg. However, this doesn't become the profit of CyberAgent because it was sold with a free virtual currency.

On the other hand, the Fukubukuro's profit is awesome!

Fukubukuro is the bag which unknown items were filled with. They are sold with a discount price than the actual value. The Japanese purchases these at various shops on New Year.
CygerAgent sold virtual Fukubukuro limited quantity only 2011 pieces. There were only female avatar's items in them. However, virtual Fukubukuro were sold out in several hours on January 1.
The price of this virtual Fukubukuro was 2011 yen each. Then …

2011×2011=4,044,121 yen!! (about 48,000 USD)

It's almost the same as the profit of real Fukubukuro.

In addition, 18 kinds of Oshogatsu(Japanese New Year) virtual goods were very popular, too.

These Oshogatsu virtual goods were sold about 480,000 during January 3, 2011 from December 31, 2010.
The most popular item of them was "Kadomatsu".

"Kadomatsu" is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year. It's made from bamboo, pine, straw and plum. Any home decorated the entrance with it in old days.
Virtual Kadomatsu was 200 yen, and they were sold about 16,000!

200×16,000=3,200,000 yen!! (about 3,8000 USD)

These Oshogatsu items are becoming outdated in the real world. However, they are still popular in the virtual world.

According to CyberAgent, about 2.4M users logged in to Ameba Pigg for a period of January 3 from December 31. This number is almost equal to real world's "Hatsumode(first Shinto shrine visit of the New Year)".

Current Ameba Pigg have more 5M users. The women are 65% and men are 35%.


Japanese 72years old gamer said, "Game has the effect to reduce crime"

I wrote the article of Japanese 72 years old gamer Shiro Suzuki in February of the last year. He is a famous announcer, but is known as "Expert of the [BIOHAZARD]" in Japan.

He appeared in a game program of Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga on January 8. Therefore he told it about game "Mass Effect 2" for Xbox360. He makes a superior play by the game except BIOHAZARD.

He said, "I think that fighting and winning are one of the instincts of a man. ". Moreover, he quoted "GRAND THEFT CHILDHOOD(Kutner,Lawrence;Olson,Cheryl K.)" and said, "Young violence and sexual crimes decreased at the same time as games were popular in U.S.A.
Therefore the games have the effect of canceling a bad desire."

Furthermore, he said that the games were good for health. "
The action games should pay attention to my environment as well as driving the car. Moreover, it's necessary to move by under 1 seconds. Cars are duller than they. So, driving became easy since began game play."

The archive of the program of Nico Nico Douga to which he appeared is here.(The account of Nico Nico Douga is necessary.)

He will become 73 years old next month by February 10.

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The iPhone game character became a real toy

I found such a Bulk vending  the other day at Shibuya Station. These are toys of Japanese iPhone game "TUMINEKO". This is the first time that a character of application for iPhone became the real toy.

TUMINEKO is very popular game application for iPhone.This is used for a demonstration in Apple Store of the all over Japan.

TUMINEKO means "piling up cats" in Japanese. According to the title, users can piles up a cats of various size. The cats are very cute for physics operation quaking!

You can do Tweet of score.

Please download "TUMINEKO 2" if you want to challenge in world ranking. and I recommend "Real TUMINEKO" if you have iPad.

Why they say "real"? Please look at this image and this page [J].


Let's study arithmetic with poo!

Japanese startup KAYAC released mixi [J] application "Unko Enzan [J]" for education. This is application of the primary-school's arithmetic. However, there is funny characteristic in it. It is that poos are used for all problems.

"Unko Enzan" means "Poo Arithmetic" in Japanese.

Can you solve this problem?
"A diameter of rolled poo is 16cm. To calculate an approximate size of rolled poo, rolled poo is assumed to be a circle. How many cm is the perimeter of rolled poo? Pi is 3.14."

The answer is........


How about this?

"Toru's weight is 47.5kg, and his poo is 230g. How many Toru's poos are the weight of him equivalent to?"

The answer is........

About 206.5!

There are ten problems about once. After an answer, a title is given by the number of the correct answers and time. I was able to answer only six problem correctly! Primary-school's's arithmetic is difficult! :D

According to the KAYAC's web page [J], "Poo is a magic word for primary-schoolchildren. It is a motif that is universal and passes in 100 years.".
It was developed as application for iPad at first. However, because a lot of poos had been too used, it was rejected to the examination of AppStore(So, they released in mixi).

This application does not have the support of other languages only in Japanese now. In addition, a Japanese mobile(future phone) is necessary for user's registration of mixi. I wish this supports a multi-language and becomes the Android application.