Let's study arithmetic with poo!

Japanese startup KAYAC released mixi [J] application "Unko Enzan [J]" for education. This is application of the primary-school's arithmetic. However, there is funny characteristic in it. It is that poos are used for all problems.

"Unko Enzan" means "Poo Arithmetic" in Japanese.

Can you solve this problem?
"A diameter of rolled poo is 16cm. To calculate an approximate size of rolled poo, rolled poo is assumed to be a circle. How many cm is the perimeter of rolled poo? Pi is 3.14."

The answer is........


How about this?

"Toru's weight is 47.5kg, and his poo is 230g. How many Toru's poos are the weight of him equivalent to?"

The answer is........

About 206.5!

There are ten problems about once. After an answer, a title is given by the number of the correct answers and time. I was able to answer only six problem correctly! Primary-school's's arithmetic is difficult! :D

According to the KAYAC's web page [J], "Poo is a magic word for primary-schoolchildren. It is a motif that is universal and passes in 100 years.".
It was developed as application for iPad at first. However, because a lot of poos had been too used, it was rejected to the examination of AppStore(So, they released in mixi).

This application does not have the support of other languages only in Japanese now. In addition, a Japanese mobile(future phone) is necessary for user's registration of mixi. I wish this supports a multi-language and becomes the Android application.

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