Hamburger steak, Voice actress and AR

Japan's Denny's is executing the campaign for the hamburger steak using AR and popular voice actress Aya Hirano.

Aya Hirano is very popular voice actress(seiyū) and J-Pop singer. She is known by the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".

Denny 'Management company SEVEN & i Food Systems released two AR application for this campaigns.

D Gold AR and GAME

D Silver AR and GAME
*There are not only the iPhone application but also the Android application

 When you read a menu, you may find the AR marker there.

Then, let's use "D Silver AR and GAME".
 Start screen of application

Let's start the camera.

CG animation of Aya Hirano appears when you photograph an AR marker with the smartphone's camera.

 Afterwards, the screen changes into the menu introduction.

While you watch AR contents in this way, the hamburger steak food which did order arrives. (I forgot to take the hamburger steak!)

And you get such an AR card when you pay the bill.

Then, let's use "D Gold AR and GAME".

Then, Aya Hirano's different version of CG animation appears. She moves and talks!

After this, the application changes to the serial code input screen.
When you input the serial code described in the AR card...

You can watch a special movie of Aya Hirano. The special movie has four patterns in all, but the AR card is distributed at random. If you want to watch all movies, it's necessary to go to Denny's a lot, and collect cards.

The distribution of the cards are carried out until January 23. And, the limit of contents is January 31. Hurry up!

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