"Social Network" preview

On January 9, I went to see "Social Network" preview. It will be in theaters in the Japan on January15.

Japanese ver. poster image.
It's written  in this way...



Dangerous guy


Japanese version of "The facebook Effect"were sold at a 10% off price in the place.

Facebook How to book is released on February 2, too.

Before the screening, a talk show of Zynga Japan GM Shintaro Yamada was held. He did the Japanese subtitles supervision of this movie.
Yamada-san said, "Facebook is more easily than mixi usable SNS. Why was Facebook able to become the best SNS in the world in a lot of SNS? It's because it took in other interesting service immediately. When Twitter began to become popular, Facebook cooperated immediately. However, mixi was delayed."

The movie was very exciting and interesting! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it though there were some elderly persons who would not know Facebook in the participant. Especially, Bill Gates's scene was laugh out loud!

I wish this movie becomes the topic in Japan.

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