Let's play a restaurant game with Ameba Pico avatar ---World Chef

CyberAgent is eager in a social game recently. They released a new social game "World Chef" this week on Facebook.

World Chef is a restaurant game played by using the avatar of virtual world "Ameba Pico" as it is. If you are playing Ameba Pico, you can play World Chef by same design avatar of Ameba Pico.

This is an initial restaurant Cheap interior! It's like a stall of the campus festival! :)

The system is the almost same as other restaurant games. We can cook various dishes of the world.

The screenshot function is implemented, too.

Let's help with the restaurant of the friends!

It's still far to a gorgeous restaurant....

We can open the branch all over the world by raising the level.


Japanese Twitter users are doing the wordplay with Japanese Hashtag

Official Twitter blog announced [J] that Twitter is capable of Japanese character hashtags.

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Then, a lot of Japanese Twitter users started a strange wordplay. This is a trend hashtags of  yesterday's Tokyo.

What is this long hashtag? This is specification of the theme of the wordplay.
For example, this hashtag is such a meaning.

#Mix the Ghibli's movie titles. The most funny works is champion

Users who wants to join in this wordplay attaches this hashtag and Tweet a works. They are really funny! However, It's impossible to translate them into English...

These are my Tweets(Works)

#If "Younger sister" is put on the Japanese version title of the progressive rock number, they become like the title of the light novel 

I used King Crimson as materials :)

There are various themes elsewhere. This wordplay does not have a purpose, a prize and sponsor. In addition, we do not know who thought about what kind of hashtag. They appear all too soon and disappear all too soon.

It's a very interesting and funny phenomenon. However, I can't explain it in English. It's exactly only in Japan.

A Japanese Twitter user wrote such a hashtag.

#If the hushtag is given to the Japanese, it becomes Ogiri


CyberAgent America's new restaurant game "Zombie Restaurant"

U.S.A. corporation of CyberAgent CyberAgent America released new game application "Zombie Restaurant" for iPhone.

This game application will look like an ordinary restaurant game. However, visitors are various types of zombies. The player must treat zombis with the dish. If they cannot be done, the player and the steward are eaten by zombis.

The recipes are very unique! This is a "brain burger"! :)

The collection function to collect logs of zombis who come to a store is provided, too.

Many zombies came! This is dangerous!

This application supports Japanese and English. Download free.

ゾンビレストラン - CyberAgent, Inc.


Nade Nade Fuwamu

Japan's representative IT venture CyberAgent makes efforts in female oriented smartphone application recently.

It's their new virtual pet apps for iPhone "Nade Nade Fuwamu". 

System is simple, but design is so cute! 

We take care of Fuwamu. However, it is only patted. Graphic of the body hair is excellent.
It seems to be really lightlysoftly! When we pat a lot of , his mood improves. Then, a virtual currency increases.

We can buy the fashion items with this virtual currency. Hat, bag, flower, glasses, etc...

Fuwamu was changed. I think that CyberAgent will start the virtual goods account by this apps in the future. 

When we keep taking care of Fuwamu, he remembers various actions. Kawaii!

 This apps is my recent favorite.

The downloading is here (Free)
なでなでフワムー - CyberAgent, Inc.


SONY's new AR system "SmartAR" photo report

Sony released markerless new AR system "SmartAR".

To this release, Sony held an experience event of SmartAR at Ginza Sony Building. Please enjoy a photoreport.

At cafe...

At boutique...

At Sony shop...

Outdoor advertisement


The history of the AR study of Sony