Rain on Ruin for RelayForLife

The music that can be listened with Avatopia is "Lumino-scope".
Their music can be bought with MP3 here.

They hold the concert with FantasyFaire.

Date 2009.06.19 (Sunday) 19:00-20:00(SLT)
Charge Free
*But PLZ Donation.


MusicNote is music production on which it acts with SL.
We are doing the management of Lumino-scope.


It is "Lumino-scorpe" . They are one of the leading Members of "MusicNote".

Yasu of Keyboard that manipulates Sound and image. Nami who it is radio actor and is actress. Parcasshonist Show that manipulates delicacy and large-boned rhythm. They are three person class units.

Lumino-scorp world to occupy not only aural but even also the sight is to attract your mind strongly surely by using the effect in SL.

Nami lost the grandfather and the grandmother due to cancer.
Therefore, she wants to sympathize with the activity of RFL deeply, and to cooperate.

On that day, they will sing the English tune prepared for this day.

http://lumino-scope.com/en/" target="_blank"> http://lumino-scope.com/en/


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