3Di, Inc. enables 3D virtual Internet shopping experiences by deploying 3Di OpenSim Enterprise to SANWA 3D INTERNET LAB

3Di,Inc., which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Satoshi Koike; hereinafter referred to as 3Di), is proud to announce that 3Di OpenSim* Enterprise, 3Di’s server software for construction of 3D virtual worlds for enterprises, has been deployed to Sanwa Direct, the Internet shopping site run by SANWA SUPPLY INC.
SANWA SUPPLY INC. is a major company which develops and wholesales computer supplies and peripherals.

Newly introduced and released today: SANWA 3D INTERNET LAB, the new 3D web contents for the Internet shopping site Sanwa Direct.

Features of 3Di OpenSim Enterprise deployed to Sanwa Direct:

  • ■Original 3D virtual worlds, which SANWA SUPPLY INC. can operate on their own server
  • ■Seamless connections with their web contents
  • ■Import of 3D data from software such as 3dsMax and Maya.

By making full use of these features of 3Di OpenSim Enterprise, SANWA SUPPLY INC. can now freely arrange products created by 3D data in 3D virtual worlds constructed on their own server. Furthermore, SANWA SUPPLY INC. can display products in 3D images on web pages, by 3Di’s original viewer, 3Di OpenViewer, embedded into HTML web pages.

The newly added 3D web contents enhance existing web-based product information in text or images, by providing information such as shape and size, which have been difficult to convey in traditional 2D web pages.


As the number of companies introducing the idea of 3D Internet increases in the future, 3Di strongly believes that the 3D Internet shopping experience will become a new business criterion in the Internet shopping industry, which until now has mainly relied on keyword search. 3Di OpenSim provides customers with 3D window shopping experiences on web sites, in the same manner as with brick and mortar stores in daily life.

3Di is committed to continue its efforts in supporting 3D Internet introduction to enterprises, by actively incorporating opinions of customers and improving functionality and user-friendliness of products.

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