Photo Report: Wonder Festival 2011 winter

I exhibited to Wonder Festival 2011 winter last week.Wonder Festival is a biggest Garage kits & Toy event in Asia.

These are my works. 500yen

Lunch. It's a donburi dish consisting of happosai on top of rice. 600yen

KAWAII! Figure maker MedicomToy's limited figure "NOBIEMON"(Nobita + Doraemon).

Figures done modeling with 3DCG data & 3D printer.

In this Wonder Festival, I had a certain big aim. It's to buy a Bird Cafe’s poor osechi figure(Garage kits).
It was sold for 2,000 yen.

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Osechi figure is made of no foaming urethane resin. It's a very delicate splendid works! I look forward to completing this.

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