"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

Because it is natural to play a game in mobile in Japan, the spread of mobile social games was the fastest in the world. On the other hand, web browser games for PCs did not become popular in Japan. As for the social game offered in Facebook, nothing was popular in Japan(even the games of Zynga). However, a game to break this custom appeared. This is "Kan Colle(Kantai Collection: Fleet Collection)".

Kan Colle is a simulation game that sea fight of World War II as a motif. Players become an admiral, collect battleships of the Japanese empire navy, organize own fleet and fight in the Pacific. You know that such a game is popular, and may worry about Japanese militarization. Worry is useless. Because Kan Colle is such a game.

All of battleships are girls. THIS IS JAPANESE :D

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This is too popular, and the servers reinforcement does not still catch up with it.

The naval girl apologizes, "Sorry. Please be connected again in after tomorrow".

Now, 7 servers operate and each gains the name of naval ports of the Japanese empire navy.

It get more than 500,000 users now. The number is not so great in Japan. However, a DAU rate is more than 80% day after day! This is higher than a mobile social game making a hit most in Japan(for example, Puzzle & Dragons). Furthermore, players who want to begin a game newly wait for server enlargement. Probably this is the first time that such a phenomenon is caused in Japanese PC social game market.

Well, let's introduce a game.

First, we choose one from them. They are figures of schoolgirls, but, actually, are destroyers.

 This is mypage and called the "home port". The background is an admiral room, and we can redecorate here.

Next, we construct battleships and arms. Resources are necessary for these.

These are parts of the arms. When a level rises, we become able to make the fighters. We put these on battleships and remodel it.

New battleships were completed! They are light cruisers both. In addition, voices are attached to all of them. The voice is very important element in recent Japanese social game market.

 It is finally a battle! Sea fight includes a single play and a multi-play.

 We choose battle formation beforehand. War situation changes by the performance of this and battleships.

Yeah! Complete victory! We get new battleship and resources when we win.

On the other hand, the battleships become such a figure when we lose.

It may not be bad to lose :D

However, the battleships bear damage win or lose. When we repair them, the resources are necessary. If resources bottom out, we must dismantle battleships and make resources. Can you dismantle them? The personification element shows power here.

Well, it is management of resources to be the most important in this game. It reminds us of real World War II. Why did the Japanese empire make a surprise attack in the U.S? Why did the Japanese empire invade in Southeast Asia? Because they wanted resources.

By the way, such a game becomes popular, how will elderly people think? Many elderly people with the war experience still living in Japan. The worry seems to be useless for the moment. The old gamer of the former destroyer crew said, "Battleships are not bad. Officers like us who used the battleships as a tool of the war were stupid. Guys idealizing war are ass hole, but battleships which we were able to use for only war becomes a game and are glad of grandchildren loving it".


Furthermore, 94-year-old gamer of former fighter developer got the fighter which himself developed accidentally in Kan Colle. He seemed to be totally pleased like a child.


This seems to help the communication of elderly people and youths.

However, this is the game that is hard to perform global expansion. In particular, it is difficult in Asia and U.S. How about in Germany? Are German gamers interested in Japanese battleships? In the meantime, the server reinforcement will be urgent business first of all.

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atomic bomb was too few for these yellow wankers

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Yeeeeees!! Personify a battleship of U.S. Navy to cute girls!