Cafe & Bar of Colopl's popular game Shironeko Project

Now, the Collabo-cafe(collaboration-cafe) prospers in Japan. This is one of the new PR technique, the cafe and bars collaborate with mangas, animes, games, artists and provide the menu which assumed them motifs to their fans. They can enjoy worldviews that they love by menus and upload those photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is very important. The foods information scattered by photos is strong and they draw new fans.

Of course the Japanese popular mobile games use it. These are collabo-cafe and bar of Colopl's popular mobile games Shironeko Project(白猫プロジェクト).

It's held in new commercial facilities AREA-Q ANNEX in Harajuku, Tokyo. This has nine kinds of drink menus(three kinds are alcohol among them) which assumed characters of the game motifs, and fans order them at the time of entering.

 The price is 600yen - 700yen. To be frank, it's expensive, but is common for the collabo-cafe. Because...

"Bonus" is attached to it. Fans can get the coaster of game characters at random whenever they order menus.

In addition, sojourn time per once is set a limit by 90min. They may enjoy it enough.

Signatures of voice actors who played voices of the game character are displayed in this cafe. Voice actors are very popular in Japan.

Furthermore, various goods are sold in the cafe. In them, the special goods to be able to buy only here are included.

In other words, Collabo-cafe is a place for interchange between fans. It will be surely fun if they can talk with somebody about own favorite game and its characters at such a place. This Collabo-cafe is held until May 30. Infomation is here(Japanese).

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