"cross-modal café" which can enjoy VR casually

Now, some VR game arcades open and the cyber cafes introducing VR HMD increase one after another in Japan. However, can we try VR more casually? cross-modal café is right the VR cafe which is friendly for VR beginner.

Seemingly there is a Japanese classic cafe, but you will find that there is some VR HMD there immediately.

Originally it was a common cafe, but Japanese tech startup Piyamaru made there VR cafe in November, 2016.

They have Gear VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and we can use them for 1,000yen(about 8.9USD) for 30minutes. In addition, one drink is included in this fee.

The menus of VR contents are placed in the menu book, too. Those most are free, but we can try more high quality VR contents by paying additional charges(300yen~600yen).

However, 30 minutes pass immediately because they have too much free VR contents. 1000yen/30min is enough to that beginners understand pleasure of VR.

The location of this cafe is a 2-minute walk from JR Yamanote Line Okachimachi Station. There is near from Ueno where is popular as a sightseeing spot. A regular holiday is Sunday, but it opens in 11am - 7pm, Monday - Saturday.

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