This will advise you about alcohol

As summer approaches, many beer gardens will open throughout Japan and the party season will come. However, if you take alcohol too much, of course, it will hurt your health. Therefore, product design and development company STUFF and Toshiba-Memory have developed a learning type IoT alcohol gadget TISPY2 with open innovation.

This is a combination of an alcohol sensor and an SD memory card to measure the alcohol concentration in your breath when drinking and advise you on how to drink alcohol. It also records your drinking data and works with your smartphone via Toshiba-Memory's WiFi-equipped SD memory card FlashAir, allowing you to check your drinking data yourself from a web apprication. The more you use this, the more this learn about you from your drinking data, and give you personalized advice: "You're drinking fast today" "Would you like to drink water soon?" This also has a guest mode, which measures the concentration of alcohol contained in the guest user's exhalation on the spot and displays general advice(It can't be used personalized to the guest).

It supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and you can link it with your smartphone to change the language setting. The power supply is two AAA batteries and also supports rechargeable batteries. The body color is black, and the color variations of the part that measures exhalation are pink gold and silver. The size is 70x70x18mm, the weight is about 100g, and the communication is IEEE802.11b/g/n (Wi-Fi). They have raised development funds with makuake, a crowd-funding platform, and have already raised about three times the target amount. You can reserve this from 13,500yen(tax included). The shipping is scheduled for August.
Project page is here.

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