Let's eat AR parfait at AR cafe in Shibuya!

On November 22, 2019, Shibuya PARCO, one of the major shopping malls in Shibuya, was reopened. It has a variety of interesting shops, and Tyffonium Cafe is one of the interesting tenants among them.

Tyffonium Cafe is an AR cafe run by Tyffon, a Japanese XR entertainment company. They run VR theme park Tyffonium in Odaiba and Shibuya in Tokyo, and Tyffonium Cafe is a new business that promotes them. The concept is the "Twilight Circus", and they sells parfaits with AR contents.

There are five types of AR parfait(They call them "magical parfaits"), and you can enjoy different AR content in each of them.

You can enjoy the AR content before the parfait comes. The point is the coaster. This is actually an AR marker.

Tablets are placed in each seat, and when you watch at the coaster with its camera, the content is displayed on it. Probably this is a Web AR. An outdoor theater has appeared on the coaster!

Of course you can take screenshots and send them to your smartphone.

One of AR parfait.

If you put AR parfait on the coaster, you can enjoy different AR contents. The camera would have recognized that the glass had been placed on the coaster.

This AR content was a little horror. This is the motif of the VR attractions that they are running at Tyffonium, and it also serves as a PR. And it was designed to be a frame for decorating AR parfait. They may also be targeting social media such as Instagram.

Then, I came up with something.

This is my Nameko stuffed toy.

This can be used as a decoration for shooting photos of stuffed toys and figures! :)

If you want to share AR parfait and content gimmicks with family and friends, the AR chocolate boxes they sell are perfect. AR markers are drawn on the chocolate block, and watching these with a smartphone or tablet camera, cute AR content appears.

Don't worry if you can't speak Japanese. The cafe also supports English.

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