Fuckin' News! The Japanese Government begins censorship of internet

Fuck! The Japanese Ministry of Economy do the censorship. They are recruited the tender of the watching service of improper Tweet & blog.

Criminal document of the Japanese Ministry of Economy (Written in Japanese)

Then, Japanese advertising agency ADK accepted an order of this work for 70 million yen from them. 70 million yen is about 900,000 USD now. The salary of the work that only watch the Internet is 900,000 USD. Fuck!

Why will not they give the 900,000 USD to victims of an earthquake and the radioactivity? Aren't they shameful in themselves?

(Written in Japanese)

If an English band name is translated into Japanese, it becomes nerdy

I'm into funny wordplay on such a Japanese Twitter hashtags


If an English band name is translated into Japanese, it becomes nerdy

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Japanese Twitter users are doing the wordplay with Japanese Hashtag

These are my works

This is play to translate an English band name into Japanese. It is really funny!! When the cool band name translates into Japanese, it become very nerdy! However, I can't explain it in English.

There are a lot of other works of Japanese Twitter users.
It cannot enjoy this wordplay if not well versed in both English and Japanese. The global wordplay is difficult!

By the way, there are a lot of foreigners carving Tattoo of the kanji to a body. Say honestly, they look very nerdy when the Japanese sees. 


The Japanese heroes goes to YouTube officially

Japanese film, television production Toei Co., Ltd. Toei opened an official channel in YouTube.


Toei is a Japanese representative film company. They in particular are known by producing a lot of special effects movie and TV programs. Do you know Japanese heroes such as Kamen Rider and Power Rangers? Originally they are the contents that Toei owns.

Toei will upload about 120 contents in future on YouTube. In them, there are old heroes and latest heroes. If you compare them, you will notice the evolution of the special effects technology of Japan.


Camera application for Women from Japan "girls pic"

Are you interested in the Japanese women's fashion ? In addition, do you want to share your fashion photos with another person? Then let's use this camera application.

girls pic

girls pic is very similar to Instagram. However, it specializes concept, UI, design all for a women. Just the thing is "KAWAII".

You can add a filter to a photo. There are more those kinds than Insragram.

Furthermore, you can add a frame to a photo.


Then, you choose a category. The categorys are "nail" "fashion" "cosme" "lifestyle".

You write the caption of the photo.

There are a lot of KAWAII photos!

In addition, there are the social functions such as friend request, links with Twitter, Favorite..etc.

Download is here
girls pic - CyberAgent, Inc.


iPhone application of Hatsune Miku's PV "electric love"

Japan’s Virtual PopStar Hatsune Miku Rocks Los Angeles!

Do you want to watch Hatsune Miku on iPhone always? Then let's download "electric love"!

"electric love" is application to be able to enjoy the figure that Miku of 3D produced by 3DCG movie making tool "MikuMiku Dance" moves cutely.

Furthermore, you can get the wall paper, too.

"Touch" - When you touch Miku, she do various reactions.

Download is here
electric love - VB yamaha