Game arcade prize of LINE characters

I wrote an post of Nameko yesterday. However, there are popular characters like Nameko in Japan. These are characters of messaging apps LINE.

These were displayed in the recommended section of the game arcade with Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma.

These are prizes of the crane game. Cute mascot stuffed toy and a cushion!

Furthermore, they are popular as capsule Toy(Gacha).

These are a sticker and mini-figure.

Now, they are loved like characters of anime, comics and other Fancy character.


Nameko came to Oomagari, Akita!

Today, I went to huge shopping mall AEON Oomagari to meet Nameko.

I already wrote it several times about Nameko(Please search "Nameko" in this blog). His popularity is still crazy in Japan. Therefore the suit which reproduced him goes on a trip to the all over Japan.

Akita is the very poor country. First, I was skeptical about popularity of Nameko in Akita. However, it was imaginary fears.

Many people equalled a long line to photograph a souvenir photo with Nameko.

Nameko is drawn on the signboard of the shop. The staff of this shop is good at an illustration! :)

Furthermore, there was a crane game of Nameko in the game arcade, and this was extreme popularity, too. 1 time of crane game is 100 yen(about 1.1USD). Because too many people played this, the stuffed toys of Nameko have run low immediately. I played this, too, but unfortunately I have failed :(


Ninjas began delivery service in Japan

Japanese IT startup NABARU started ninja delivery service.

If you use a ninja to the present to a business partner and a customer? It will become the big impact. If a ninja appears in an event and the party? It will be wonderful surprise. If a ninja appears in the birthday party of kids with a present? It will become the good memory.

NABARU has 3 ninjas now.   However, unfortunately this service is only Japan. Support areas are Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. Originally the ninja was a spy and an assassin. However, they do not undertake it by this service and we can't ask them for the works about the crime.

I think that they should go abroad.

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DeNA renew a logo and enters the social music service

Today, DeNA announced their new logo.

They change a name and the logo of service brands to this sequentially. In addition, ngmoco:) becomes "DeNA San Francisco". According to them, the new logo expresses "Delight" and "Impact the world". These seem to be important keywords of DeNA.

Furthermore, they start social music service "Groovy" for smartphones by the end of this year. According to them, Groovy is the service that combined a social networking function with a music player function. 24 labels have already cooperated with DeNA, and 1 million number or more are offered at the service start.


Japanese Social Game Developer Cygames Has Over 20 Million Users

Japanese game developer Cygames announced that they got more than 20 million registered users.

They say, "We are companies making the contents that are a high quality"

Of course, J-Style card social game "Rage of Bahamut" to have pulled it. Cygames was established as a subsidiary of CyberAgent in May, 2011. And they released Rage of Bahamut in Mobage in September, 2011, and it made a hit immediately. It is still ranked the high rank of Mobage's popularity ranking. And they run not only its Japanese ver. but also English ver., Korean ver. and Chinese ver. The totals of Rage of Bahamut users of the world are more than 10 million. In other words, half of 20 million registered users which they have are Rage of Bahamut users.

They cite cool artwork as the factor of the hit of Rage of Bahamut.

They are not much J-Style. However, they are different from the overseas fantasy art, too. They fuse with both good extract. In addition, they published an art book of Rage of Bahamut in Japan.

神撃のバハムート オフィシャルアートワークス