Nameko came to Oomagari, Akita!

Today, I went to huge shopping mall AEON Oomagari to meet Nameko.

I already wrote it several times about Nameko(Please search "Nameko" in this blog). His popularity is still crazy in Japan. Therefore the suit which reproduced him goes on a trip to the all over Japan.

Akita is the very poor country. First, I was skeptical about popularity of Nameko in Akita. However, it was imaginary fears.

Many people equalled a long line to photograph a souvenir photo with Nameko.

Nameko is drawn on the signboard of the shop. The staff of this shop is good at an illustration! :)

Furthermore, there was a crane game of Nameko in the game arcade, and this was extreme popularity, too. 1 time of crane game is 100 yen(about 1.1USD). Because too many people played this, the stuffed toys of Nameko have run low immediately. I played this, too, but unfortunately I have failed :(

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