Japan's Pokelabo released social game apps for iOS for global markets

It's time to compare the artwork of the global market and Japanese market!

Japanese social game developer Pokelabo -They were purchased for about 150 million USD by GREE in October, 2012- and Aeria Games released a global version of  their iOS social game apps "Unmei no Guardian Battle(Destined Guardian Battle)". The named "Immortalis".

"Unmei no Guardian Battle" is J-style card battle social game. We collect various Guardian -almost beautiful woman- and organize a deck and fight.

A characteristic of this is that a real-time battle is held frequently. It is received by Japanese users, and this got 200,000 users from release in 20 days.

When this is localized for a global market, it becomes in this way.

This was released in 100 countries. The game rule is the same, but the language support is English. Which artwork do you like?

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