LINE Camera broke through 20 million downloading

NHN Japan announced that camera apps for smartphone "LINE Camera" broke through 20 million downloading.

"LINE camera" is camera apps linking popular messaging application LINE. We decorate photo and can post in LINE. This was released on April 12, 2012 and it broke through 20 million downloading from release in about 10 months. According to NHN Japan, it is popular in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Nepal. So LINE Camera links with the social networking except LINE such as Twitter, Facebook, mixi, Sina Weibo, Renren, me2day and Cyworld.

Of course I like LINE Camera, too. It has many functions and useful. We can use 22 filters, various writing brushes, and frame and stamp more than 100. Furthermore, it has function that puts some photo together to make collage.

This resembles J-style photo booth "Purikura". Therefore it seem to be supported by women.

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