Now, Robots run a marathon in Osaka

Bipedal walking robot marathon "Robomarafull vol.3" is held in Osaka, Japan in January 17 - 20.

The rule of this event is simple. Within 72 hours of the time limit, robots aims at the completion of 42.195km. The course of one lap of 75 meters is prepared for in a stadium and the robots run 563 laps in this and compete for time. Time of the champions of the last year is 45 hours 48 minutes 07 seconds.

The sponsor of this event is the Osaka government. This event is held as urgent job creation business. However, it is not the employment of the event staff. The true purpose is upbringing of the robot developer. The event is broadcasted in Ustream.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

I want to see this..!!!

Erica さんのコメント...

wow that is interesting :))

The Girl with the Muji Hat

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

This is broadcasted live in Ustream, but it is Japan time. Midnight in Finland?