Japanese new social game platform for smartphones "Bushimo"

In Japan, anyone wants to become a platformer. Now, Japan has 23 social game platforms. At last, major phone company NTT DoCoMo opened social game platform for smartphones "d Game" last month.

It is Bushimo to be interesting in them. It's a social game platform for smartphones that Bushiroad started last month.

The user's registration is possible only from a smartphone. Bushimo users can use avatar, chat, friend registration and timeline.

Each social games are released as a native apps.

Renai Replay(Love Replay)

Daishissou! Milky Holmes Turbo(Great Scamper Milky Holmes Turbo)

Milky Daifugou(Grand Millionaire)

Bound Monsters

Bushiroad is known as a company of the trading cards. However interestingly, Bushimo does not have the J-style card social game for the moment. It is Renai Replay now to make a hit most. This broke through 300,000 downloading from release in 10 days.

This is Dating Sim using drawing technology "Live 2D".

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Users come back for school days and can simulate ideal love with girl students. The graphic of Live 2D creates a sense of reality such as 3D as 2D anime. Furthermore, characters talk by a full voice. It may resemble LOVEPLUS of KONAMI. However, the touch pen is unnecessary in Renai Replay and the update is carried out frequently and Free to Play. Bushimo makes use of characteristics of the game for smartphones very well.

By the way, Do you want to see the list of 23 Japanese social game platforms? I write it in next post :)

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