NHN Japan parts with CosPlay Social Networking Service "Cure" and "WorldCosplay"

This news may be important if you are interested in Japanese CosPlay. NHN Japan transferred CosPlay Social Networking Service "Cure" and "WorldCosplay" to pixiv.

Cure is Social Networking Service for CosPlayer which opened in August, 2001 and has 950,000 users. Users can share one's CosPlay photo.

WorldCosplay is CosPlay Social Networking Service of the world wide version which opened in January, 2012 and They support 12 languages. Many foreigners CosPlayer register here.

This business transfer may be business reorganization of NHN Japan. Now, NHN Japan is known as a company of popular messaging application LINE. On the other hand, pixiv runs popular illustration Social Networking Service "pixiv". pixiv supports 7 languages and has many overseas users. They establish a subsidiary for administration of Cure and WorldCosplay.

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