Game arcade prize of LINE characters

I wrote an post of Nameko yesterday. However, there are popular characters like Nameko in Japan. These are characters of messaging apps LINE.

These were displayed in the recommended section of the game arcade with Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma.

These are prizes of the crane game. Cute mascot stuffed toy and a cushion!

Furthermore, they are popular as capsule Toy(Gacha).

These are a sticker and mini-figure.

Now, they are loved like characters of anime, comics and other Fancy character.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

Owww I love those!!! When we lived in Japan, my husband and I always played UFO catchers (and when I was bored alone I would play them ;D)

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

NHN Japan seems to think about the overseas advance of LINE characters. Possibly they may go to Finland.