Social Networking Service of Buddharupa "butu-comi"

Buddharupa(Statue of Buddhism) regained popularity again recently in Japan. Besides, its lover increases to not only elderly people but also youths.   The figure maker releases cool action-figures of the Statue of Buddhism.

via http://www.kaiyodo.co.jp/revoltech/takeya.html

Staffs of publishing company Kamakura Shinsho opened the Social Networking Service for such Statue of Buddhism lovers "butu-comi".

We can log in in Twitter ID.

Of course this has functions of the general Social Networking Service. Furthermore, we can watch Statue of Buddhism popularity ranking and treasured statue exhibition schedule. There are a lot of precious Statue of Buddhism shown every dozens of years. If the schedules are shared beforehand by many people, it may help tourism industry.

Furthermore, we can buy How-to kit of the sculpture(It is popular to handcraft Statue of Buddhism by oneself in Japan) and statues of famous Buddhist altar shop.

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