List of Japanese social game platforms

Yesterday, I wrote that Japan had 23 social game platforms now. This post is those list.

FC2 GAME(Start: Unknown)
I don't know when this began. This is a mobile social game platform of FC2 providing various Web Service. A lot of porno social games are included in the games. Of course they are adult only.

d Game(Start: December, 2012)
It's a mobile social game platform of Japanese phone company NTT DoCoMo. Only DoCoMo mobile users are available.

Bushimo(Start: December, 2012)
It's a social game platform for smartphones of Japanese Treading card and game maker Bushiroad. All games are released as a native apps.

Mobcast(Start: November, 2012)
This is a mobile social game platform specialized in sports.

Gesoten(Start: July, 2012)
It's a social game platform for PCs which a Japanese GMO group runs.

LINE GAME(Start: July, 2012)
The explanation will be already unnecessary. It's a game platform of Japanese popular messaging apps LINE. Especially, "LINE POP" is  popular, and it broke through 10M download.

Ameba(Start: June, 2012)
Ameba is the social networking service that a CyberAgent runs. It has blog service of the biggest in Japan "Ameblo" and popular virtual world "Ameba Pigg". In addition to them, they began the social game platform for smartphones more.

Yamada Game(Start: June, 2012)
Household appliance general merchandising store Yamada Denki began the offer of the social game for membership site for mobile.

moeG(Start: May, 2012)
This may be Japanese-style service. It is the mobile social game platform of the porn specialty. Furthermore, the porn avatar is available. Of course this is adult only.

TSUTAYA.com kiwi(Start: March, 2012)
Major video rental chain TSUTAYA started the offer of the social game in a membership site for mobile.

BLobby(Start: March, 2012)
This is Japanese-style service, too. It's a mobile social game platform for women, and dating sim and BL games are contributed. What BL? BL is abbreviation of "Boys Love". The details is here.

entag!(Start: January, 2012)
Originally, this was one of the social networking service for mobile. However, they performed a renewal for smartphones and made it open.

DMM(Start: January, 2012)
DMM is VoD service and video rental company, but they are known mainly in porn video. They began a social game platform for mobile, As a matter of course, the most of the game are adult only.

Colopl(Start: August, 2011)
Colopl is first Japanese geolocation mobile social game that started on 2003, but the mobile social game platform started, too. All the games that a third party developed are geolocation mobile social games.

WAKUWAKU Mail(Start: May, 2011)
Originally WAKUWAKU Mail was a dating  messaging service. However, they became the social networking service for mobile and made it open more.

NICONICO Appli(Start: December, 2010)
This is a social game platform for PCs of popular video sharing site NICONICO DOUGA. Users can play a game while watching video.

pixiv mobile(Start: November, 2010)
This is a social game platform of the popular illustration social networking service pixiv mobile ver. This is available only in futurephone for the moment.

Yahoo! Mobage(Start: September, 2010)
This is a social game platform for PCs which Yahoo! Japan and DeNA run jointly.

Hangame(Start: July, 2010)
Hangame was the well-established online game portal site which NHN Japan ran, but transformed myself into a social game platform. By the way, NHN Japan runs LINE GAME, too. How will these be discriminated in future?

aima(Start: July, 2010)
aima is unique service. They bring a social game platform into various sites.

GREE(Start: June, 2010)
The explanation will be already unnecessary. However, unexpectedly CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka said in CEDEC 2009, "GREE does not accept the games of the third party. Because quality control is not possible in ourself." Flexibility is necessary for a leader.

Mobage(Start: January, 2010)
The explanation will be already unnecessary, too. Originally Mobage was game portal site for futurephones. The origin of the title is "Mobile(Mobairu) and Game(Gemu)". However, themselves developed all games before becoming the social game platform.

mixi(Start: April, 2009)
mixi became the social game platform for the first time in Japan. However, unfortunately it was overtaken by Mobage and GREE. Where would they take the wrong way?

There is big characteristic on a Japanese social game platform. Those most support mobile. Furthermore, most of those are specialized in mobile. Only Yahoo! Mobage, NICONICO Appli and Gesoten do not do mobile support at all(But it may be said that Yahoo! Mobage is a PC ver. of Mobage). In Japan, it becomes the common sense to play the social game in mobile. However, it is too a red ocean. Of these, how many will it be the number of to survive 3 years later?

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